A remote desk in the heart of inspiring nature

Dreaming of leaving the office for a green session lost in the middle of a forest? The Dutch company Kantoor Karavaan (literally Office Trailer) offers an awesome solution: rent a fully equipped vintage trailer in a natural setting. Inspirational.

Pack your laptop and go on the green spot

This new form of nomadic flex-desk takes into the wild for a day. Each solar powered trailer is equipped with Wi-Fi and a coffee machine of course, but also a kitchenette, dry toilets and outdoor fire. And count on the birdy birds songs and the fresh air to boost your creativity.

Trailers are available on a daily base for solo to max 3 persons and are great for brainstorming. For larger groups, different accommodations are proposed: cabins and yurts. Those larger facilities are equipped with a screen and projector.

We know it's chilly for now, but it's for sure a good inspiration for upcoming Spring. Nature is so stimulating!

Kantoor Karavaan is looking forward expanding its cool business to Spain, Sweden, Greece, and USA. Soon nearby you?

► Kantoor Karavaan website for more info. video hereunder in Dutch.

Credits for the pictures: © Erik Lindvall