Fabric iron-on stickers: make them stick to your lifestyle

They are everywhere and so easy to use that you can upgrade your old favorite tees, tops sweatshirts and pants with some bright patches. Let me share some tips to make them stick like (almost) forever!
Love &Peace patches sweatshirt by Olivia Hainaut ©avaveen
Love & Peace patches sweatshirt by Olivia Hainaut©avaveen

It's iron LOVE but is it forever?

 Tips while ironing

You don't want the relation between your fabric and your patch to be a steamy one, so don't press that button onto your iron. Set it on the highest temperature the fabric can tolerate, and be cautious during the sticking process.

You may want to put a slightly damp cloth between the patch and the iron sole during the process to prevent any accident while going over gently and regularly. And let the clothing cool down without moving the garment from the board for 5 to 10 minutes.

Avoid any zone where the fabric naturally folds while wearing them. Remember you tend to roll those sleeves when you work hard ;)
Sketch on where to stick patches
Where to iron patches ? That's the question.

There's plenty of colourful sticking fun out there

Iron-on stickers come in all shapes and quality. I really like the ones from Macon & Lesquoy (Beatles set hereunder for about 25€). And found that cool design set of four at Bershka and for the reasonable price of 5,99€. 

Macon & Lesquoy repair Beatles patches Center  &  Bershka fabric stickers
Macon & Lesquoy repair Beatles patches (top) and  Bershka fabric stickers. © avaveen

Don't wash your stickers away

Wash your clothing inside out at 30°C (86°F) to the max and on a fragile cycle (low spinning). Avoid drying them in a machine. The heat will for sure alter the glue. The heat is the enemy.

How to fix them back?

Overtime, some parts of your stickers might peel off, especially pointy corners where fabric folds. It's absolutely normal. Hey you do have a life! No panic there is a solution and it's called textile repair powder.

Pym textile repair powder
Textile repair Powder - © avaveen
Simply put some powder and iron your sticker back. Be precise as any spill will show on fabric after ironing the patch. For tiny area, I damp it a bit before spraying so that the powder stays onto the piece.

And voilĂ , you're all set to stick to fun!