Decode : Digital Design Sensations

I'm still in recoding process after visiting the Decode exhibition at the V&A Museum in London (UK if it must be mentioned). Of course, there are the incredible pieces displayed. But there are the people as well. There are amazing in the way they interact with the work.They are often joyful and nice but:
Fact 1- it's really true people don't read no more as I've witnessed many of them trying to interact with non-interactive pieces.
Fact 2 - interactivity is all in the head as some of them really believed their actions had some kind of impact on non-interactive pieces.
Fact 3 - Although it is extremely hard to touch the iPhone of someone you don't know, museum's touch screens get literally banged by strangers all day long. As matter a fact a lot of the interactive pieces were broken... :-( ... Hey, it only means I absolutely HAVE to go back :-) !
Fact 4 - Fact 1 to 3 relate to a minority. It's  really fun and amazing . Go go go if you have the occasion to see this major exhibition.
Here's a short video of our visit:

One of my favorites is Daniel Rozin's piece. Do I have to justify myself ? Yes ?! Okay, I'll post you on this. Isn't  this an interactive post or what ?!!! Please, don't bang the screen, no no no.
Decode exhibition -V&A Museum, Porter Gallery - London (UK) until April 11th 2010.