Decode Daniel Rozin

Daniel Rozin enchanted my Decode Exhibition's visit with his Weave Mirror. This interactive piece is already impressive when it's still; the framework and its matte light gold glow make a beautiful sculpture.

Its mechanical structure reproduces an organic smoky portrait and follows your movements as you're standing in front of it with a charming short delay, as a compact camera would.

It's really interesting to be taken away from digital screens. The physical expression of the technology adds a unique dimension to it : the sound. The Weave Mirror tweets, crackles and shushes as its parts are moving. It brings a lot of life and atmosphere.

Play the video underneath for the sound only! And this one if you want to see more from my Decode visit.

Now, here is a good video from the piece (but without sound). To know more about Daniel Rozin and his work, visit his website (where the picture and info for this post come from)

Daniel Rozin, 'Weave Mirror', 2007.