Absolutely Marie!

Where should I start ? With the jewels or with sparkling Marie Le Lorrain? To make a long story short, Marie is as the jewels she designs, generous, colourful and with that special something from the roaring Twenties with a jazzy atmosphere.

It's all there in her charming atelier-boutique. Come and visit her nearby the Brugmann Place in Brussels. Marie sells vintage jewelry, her own creations, or your very-own-piece-to-die-for! Yes, she creates the jewel of your dream.

There is a tiny-winy (2 pieces is not enough!) selection available on line at Lella L.

 Marie Le Lorrain - rue Berkendael 175, 1050 Brussels -

Last but not least, prices are sensible which is very much appreciated (especially in the Brugmann neighborhood, where you may sometime think the retailers have hit the twilight zone). Sautoirs around 80€, small bracelets from 30€, larger one's from 50€, silver setting earrings from 35€. Exclusive accessories selection.