Wax Going On? Well, pretty much!

Enchanting bright wax design pieces to please your eyes and forget the cold? That's exactly what Sandrine Alouf provides with her Wax Going On eclectic design series.

Wax What?

Wax is a traditional African cotton fabric commonly used for clothing, especially in West Africa. Each print composition has a meaning and is used as non-verbal communication to express your mood or your  state of mind for instance. I'd say: "Wax's like colours with a soul".

Sandrine's wax mix and match

Wax going on chairs

Wax going On chairs - © Sandrine Alouf

 © Sandrine Alouf
© Sandrine Alouf

Chairs and fashion accessories...

 © Sandrine Alouf

... and sweaters

© Sandrine Alouf
© Sandrine Alouf

© Sandrine Alouf

Each sweater is unique.

About Sandrine Alouf, the Atmospherist

This hyperactive creative lady is pretty well know in Paris for her inspired storytelling boutique hotel decoration. Montmartre Mon Amour, Secret de Paris or the Splendor hotels a/o are the expression of her global approach: setting up an atmosphere, way beyond a simple decor with the help of her assistant Harris M.

Therefore she proclaimed herself as being an "atmospherist", more than just interior designer. Inventing your job is always a creative trademark for sure, and to get there. So, well done.

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